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How to start buying local meat

Doing something different can be daunting. After all, life is stressful enough without adding the confusing task of finding local products, learning what you like, and how to purchase them. We have a business model to keep our farm from getting too complicated and us becoming overwhelmed. This concept works just as well for our customers.

Why we only sell chicken

Farming is hard work and like any other business, one product should stand alone as a profitable endeavor. We believe raising chicken for our community is important and we owe it to you to do it the best we can. Small farms have a 2% chance of surviving after 5 years. Many times that is due to growing too fast and getting overwhelmed with products they offer. Trying to do it all can cause you to freeze up and instead, do nothing at all. This is true for those thinking of buying locally as well.

Why you can start slow

I will repeat the statement above. Trying to do it all can cause you to freeze up and instead, do nothing at all. I totally understand the thought that if you are going to eat local, everything should be local. I felt this way as well. You will go mad trying to find, budget for, and figure out how to receive all your products. Start slow. Find a local product that you are excited about. It doesn't matter if it’s chicken from us or beef from a diversified farm offering 15 different products. See how your family enjoys the product. Pay attention to how your budget may change. Get to know the farmer you buy your product from.

We plan to continue to focus on how to provide the best local chicken possible. We are here for those who want to get started on their local meat journey.

Steps to buy our Pasture Raised Chicken (raised and processed/packaged on farm)

  1. Go to the shop tab

  2. Products in stock will show up with auto-adjust pricing by weight.

  3. Visit our pick up location/delivery tab to see what options are available to receive your order

  4. Place your order like any other online store. You will receive a conformation message

  5. Call us with any questions

  6. Subscribe so you can get updates on when we have fresh chicken available and other farm activities, recipes, fun stories, and tips/tricks as we continue our farm journey.

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