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Meal Planning Simplified

One of the biggest struggles our family faced for years, was planning meals!!!

We fought, ate unhealthy, wasted food and sometimes didn't eat at all. Frustrated, we sat down and came up with a solution that we still use 3 years later.

We now have a small farm, off the farm day jobs, a toddler and Heather is going back to school for her second degree. Can you say stressful? I hear the frustration in others that we once faced and I want to share our simple solution.

We started a farm to help families feel good about their food. We don't want you to stress about how or when you will eat it!!

Our fix is:

- Inexpensive

- Quick

- Simple

Can help those:

- With busy schedule

- Monthly budgets

- Wasted food each week


Click HERE to download a PDF of our really simple way to keep meals stress free.

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