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GrazeUp Farm family

Let us raise food you feel good about feeding your family, that tastes amazing too! 

There are many options for buying meat but very few made us feel good about what was going into our body.  When we discovered most the lingo in poultry marketing was still indoor crowded spaces eating only grains, we felt stuck.  Thats when we decided to do our part to help others find nutritious and ethical options. 

We are a small first generation farm. We started out because we know that every step toward regenerative practices helps our health and the planet. We are on about 6 acres of land and raise poultry in a way that we feel good about.  In the breeze, sun and grass.  No GMOs, antibiotics or hormones needed.  Utilizing our space to feed our family and yours.  We enjoy raising animals and are on a mission to learn as much as we can about soil regeneration.  Our goal is to leave the land better than when we came.  

We process our poultry on farm every few weeks.  This shortens the supply chain.  From the farm directly to consumer allows you to know how your food was raised, what it was fed and how it was processed.  

We hope to help our customers feel as good about their food as we do.

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