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Ethically Raised 

Locally Owned


Feel Good About Your Food

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Eating healthy can be stressful, but we would like to help. Direct to Consumer takes the guess work out of what you're eating.

Our goal is to help keep it simple for you.

GrazeUp Farm's ethically raised meat is the solution for "what's for dinner?" 

Pasture Chicken
Chicken on pasture

Non GMO grains, no steroids, hormones, or antibiotics.

Raised and processed locally to provide food from

our farm to your table.  

Our sustainable practices nurture the land while

our animals graze in the fresh air and sunshine. 

Lexi R

I love GrazeUp Farm and their chicken so much! The quaility of the chicken was amazing. Ive ordered a few different times now and have never been disappointed. 

Sophie C

Love love love the chicken breasts I got! They were extremely tender and fresh even after I froze them for two weeks. Prices are very close to those of a grocery store, but much higher quality! I highly recommend purchasing from GrazeUp Farms!

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Tatiana S

I’m very happy with my order of chicken. Wonderful taste from being on grass.I like knowing where my food comes from and how it was raised. Supporting your local farms is important, I highly recommend them!

Tina L

The chicken is so much better than the grocery store. Cookings it is a pleasure as it always comes out tender and moist.

Crystal P

The chicken I purchased from GrazeUp Farms was delicious. It’s non-GMO. I have told all my friends and family to come visit and buy from GrazeUp Farms. I can’t wait to order more.
This farm is local and the farmers are great people. Support small businesses and local farmers.

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